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Implementation Vision for 20-21

Manch ES has worked hard over the past several years to meet the needs of our community.  During my time here as both the assistant principal and principal, Manch ES has partnered with City Council Commissioner, Marylyn Kirkpatrick’s Pathway from Poverty, to help our community to find jobs, receive health care, including dental, and do many free community building events including, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Cinco De Mayo and back to school.  We have two social workers and partners such as Community in Schools and Boystown to help to meet the social and emotional needs of our students.  And if we can not meet the needs at school, we work alongside Silver State Health to assist with free clinical diagnosis.  Manch ES has also recently partnered with Kroger Foods to start a fully stocked food bank for families in need. 

Academics has also been a focus for Manch ES over the past few years.  Manch has implemented two curriculums, Ready and Wonders to meet the needs of students in the areas of Math and Reading.  Teachers at Manch ES have participated in schoolwide Kagan engagement strategies, PLC training, and RTI training.  Manch ES has implemented a schoolwide small group plan in which all students receive appropriate intervention or acceleration to meet their individual needs.  Last year, Manch ES implemented a schoolwide SLG focusing on writing across all subject areas with allotted time to do Writer’s Workshop.   

Manch ES will continue to do all of these programs and more to meet the needs of our staff, students and community but as we move into the coming school years, Manch ES will be refocusing on the art of teaching and learning.  Manch ES started this shift last year with the opening of the very first Virtual Reality Lab.  The VR Lab opened in August, 2019 for student and community use. This is a state of the art facility like no other in the world. This lab will be the heart and soul of innovation for Manch moving into the future.  This innovative look learning has led to an up and coming partnership with Lenovo in which Manch ES has been chosen to be one of it’s pilot schools for the Lighthouse Project which is looking to use technology, including VR, to meet the needs of students.  

We are now looking to support staff, students and parents in the art of teaching and learning through the article Learning: Speculation to Science as presented in NISL, Unit 4.  The ultimate goal of this initiative is to have all stakeholders, students, staff, and parents, not only assist in learning but understand how and why we all learn.   If we can change the conversation between staff and students, students and parents, and parents and staff to one of learning, we can start to shift mindsets of need and ability.  These conversations will start from the top down, beginning this year in Pre and Post observation conferences using the article Learning: Speculation to Science to guide teachers in conversations on the NEPF.  Below are the three steps of learning from research presented in the article;

  1. Students come to the classroom with preconceptions about how the world works. If their initial understanding is not engaged, they may fail to grasp the new concepts and information that are taught, or they may learn them for purposes of a test but revert to their preconceptions outside the classroom.
  2. To develop competence in an area of inquiry, students must: (a) have a deep foundation of factual knowledge, (b) understand facts and ideas in the context of a conceptual framework, and (c) organize knowledge in ways that facilitate retrieval and application.
  3. A “metacognitive” approach to instruction can help students learn to take control of their own learning by defining learning goals and monitoring their progress in achieving them.

Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Nevada Department of Education, Jhone Ebert, once said that she would rather have schools fail forward then fall behind.  It is the goal of Manch ES to always move forward, even if we fall down.  Manch ES is one of the oldest schools in CCSD and has a unique history and tradition.   Manch ES will continue to look for innovative ways to engage the community to meet the needs of all students.

Three Year Goal for 2023-2024 School Year

J.E. Manch Elementary School will be recognized as having self-started State Magnet STEAM School through programs including Virtual Reality Lab, Science through all Specials including VR Coding, and STEAM Lab.


Academic School Goals:

  1. To increase by at least 15 points on the State Star Rating.
  2. Meet students where they are at academically and increase all students by at least one academic school year.



One team, one mission.  

Staff Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a committed partnership with students, parents, and the community to ensure academic and social growth for all students by providing students with a supportive school environment and empowering students with tools to compete and succeed in a diverse, global society.

Student Mission Statement:

My mission - is to strive to learn every day - and define my own talents and passions - to be a leader in my school and community.